Litter “J” Balfama, born 9.4.2018

Mother: Feithline Balfama (*7.7.2013)

Father: Gelert Balfama (*15.7.2014)

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Wolfhounds born in litter “J” Balfama:

♂       GREEN BOY – Jarlath

♂       BLUE BOY – Jarmy

♂       BROWN BOY – Jeffrey

♂       BLACK BOY – Jordan

♀       LILAC GIRL – Jacolin

♀       RED GIRL – Janette

♀       LIGHT YELLOW GIRL – Jennabeth

♀       PURPLE GIRL – Jennifer

♀       ORANGE GIRL – Jessica

♀       PINK GIRL – Jileen

♀       WINE GIRL – Jiweridd

♀       YELLOW GIRL  – Joyce

Mating, pregnancy and birth:

Mating went naturally on 9. a 10.2.2018.

It was first mating for Gelert and Feithline. Gelert was at first to eager, wich complicated it a bit, but finally he found out what to do and after few trying they bound themselves. Second day mating went nicely. Both of mating lasted over 20 minutes, which was for all exhaustingly long, but Feithline was not a bit amused to last and wait so long.

Pregnancy went without complication. Feithline was all the time healthy and in good physical shape. Sono-check was visible 6-8 pupps, but Feithline was gaining weight and becoming so much round so much, that was obvious before birth that it would be more than 8 pupps. Finally she wore 14, which was really surprising great number regarding her average stature and not very young age.

Feithline took prep for birth few days and finally she started on 9.4. and during that evening she brought to life few first pupps. Part of litter was born at home and while intervals prolonged, became vet’s turn. Feithline has got oxytocin and birth went on. Pupps’ numbers were increasing and inside were still visible “last” few. Finally was born 11 living and 1 not, but it showed up its not over. Feithline was at that time too tired, so after vet’s counsel we decided for C-section. This way was born one living and one not pupp. We ahve got finally 4 boys and 8 girls of different colours.

Feithline is exemplary caring mother. Despite large number of pupps she could milk them almost without any assistance. Feithline is quite similar to her mother Brigid and grandmother Chayenne in mayn aspects of her maternity – she sacrifices to her pupps all the energy and anxiously guards them agains any “aliens”. She is good caring mother.

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