Litter “B” Balfama, born 18.9.2009

Mother: Chayenne Stříbrný potok (*25.2.2005, +7.9.2012) 

Father: Melodream Maker O’Marksbay (*21.4.2004, +22.3.2014)

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Wolfhounds born in litter “B” Balfama:


♀       BOANN

♀       BRANWEN 

♀       BRIGID

♀       BRONACH

Mating, pregnancy and birth:
At first time I tried connection of Chayenne Stříbrný potok and Dublin (Melodream Maker O´Marksbay) in January 2009. We let bring by plane chilled semen from Norway. Chilled sperm is able to use only a few days, so all coordination of this action was very difficult. But we done everything and insemination mating was successful – it was on 9. and 10.1.2009. Her pregnancy wasn´t confirmed, but it seems well. Unfortunately two weeks after mating was Chayenne attacked by German shepherd dog, who run out of some garden. Chayenne was serious injured and needed many stitches. We were saved by Roy, who chase the shepherd dog away. Chay was in shock and probably absorbed all puppies. No one was born.
Her next season I decided to try this connection once more. This time we went in Norway personally and 15. and 16.7.2009 was Chay naturally mated with Dublin.

Both parents have dark color – Chay is dark brindle and Dublin is black. They are middle type of high or sculpture. Both had athletic figure and sport condition. Both have scissor bite and are full-teeth. Both parents have heart tests. They were non – relatives.

On vet´s control was founded, that Chayenne is pregnant with probably 3 puppies. Pregnancy was without complication.

Birth began on 17.9.2009, but until morning was no puppy born. Our vet and we decided to make C-section and than Chay´s castration. There were 5 puppies and thank to our quick action were all of them born alive. After birth were complication and after a few days Chay become ok again.

During Breed:
In litter “B” Balfama were born 5 puppies – 1 boy and 4 girls. All puppies were born alive and successfully bred. Three puppies are brindle color, one girl is black and one grey. Puppies were balanced weights and types. There were no defects on puppies. Chayenne was better mother then in first litter, she even doesn´t want to let strange people in the room with puppies.

About three months old I started to feed my kennel in compliance with BARF theory – feeding by natural fresh food. Puppies prospered a lot after this. I feed my dogs by BARF until now.

Control of litter was done on 13.11.2009 by Mrs. Věra Slapničková
Control protocol:
· birth was by C-section
· excellent condition of mother
· excellent lactation of mother
· behavior of mother – friendly
· born 5 puppies (1/4), by control 5 puppies (1/4)
· behavior of puppies – sweet, friendly, playful
· condition of puppies better than average
this litter is balanced

Placing of puppies:
In Czech Republic stayed 4 puppies litter “B” Balfama. Girls Branwen, Brigid and Bronach I keep for myself. Brother Balan lives in Brno. Last sister Boann lives in Germany near Köln am Rhein in kennel vom Luchemer Brückchen. All puppies live in homes with their families in home. 

Basic information:
· In litter “B” Balfama were 3 puppies brindle color, one grey color and one black color
· In this litter is only one boy and he has both well developed testicles
· All wolfhounds in this litter have acceptable bite and beautiful wide jaws

Health specifications:

(Litter “A” Balfama is now 3 years and 6 months old)
· All puppies from litter “B” Balfama were in age 7 weeks tested on PSS
· In litter “B” Balfama was no illness like PSS, epilepsy, dysplasia, cancer or cardiologic problems
· All girls from this litter have heard tests with 0 points
One girl is tested on dysplasia with 0 points

Breed connected with litter “B” Balfama:

I used wolfhounds from litter “B” Balfama in my breed by planned litter “F” Balfama.


· Father of litter “B” Balfama is 8 years and 11 months old now and still alive
· Mother of litter “B” Balfama died in age 7 years and 6 months
· Average age of both parents of litter “B” Balfama is 8 years and 3 months and still growing up

· Wolfhounds from litter “B” Balfama are 3 years and 6 months old today, 4 of them are alive, one girl died
· Average age of litter “B” Balfama is 3 years and 3 months today and still growing up
· Reason of death was 1x probably embolism

Mating and descendants:
All 4 girls from litter “B” Balfama are stud wolfhounds