Litter „A“ Balfama, born 27th January 2008

Mother: Chayenne Stříbrný potok (*25.2.2005, +7.9.2012) 

Father: Ryanair Sagittarius (*29.5.2005, +4.11.2010)

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Wolfhounds born in Litter “A” Balfama:

♂       AEDAN

♂       AENGUS 

♂       ALBION 


♂       AMERGIN

♂       ARAWEN 

♂       ARTAIOS

♂       AVALLOC

♀       AIFE 

♀       ANANN 


Mating, pregnancy and birth:

Mating was natural in days 25., 27. and 28.11.2007. Chayenne and Roy grown up together. They were best friends and real partners. This connection was really mating from love. Mating was very easy and natural, by all three matings were they locked together about 20 – 30 minutes. Both parents were brindle color. They are middle type of high or sculpture. Both had athletic figure and sport condition. They were non – relative. On vet´s control was founded, that Chayenne is pregnant with probably 8 puppies. Everything was without complication, we were just afraid about Chayenne because until born was she running, jumping and playing with Roy a lot.

Birth of litter “A” Balfama started on 27.1.2008 evening and was very quick. Until morning were all puppies born, 12 puppies were born, but one boy was born dead. Other 11 puppies were fine and healthy. All 12 puppies were born naturally in less than 15 hours.

During Breed:

In litter “A” Balfama were born 12 puppies – 9 boys and 3 girls. Unfortunately one boy was born dead. All 11 were breed successfully. All puppies are brindle color from very light to dark tones. Smallest boy was only 200g after birth but we breed him without problems. There were no defects on puppies. Chayenne was great mother – took care of puppies and feed all 11 alone.

Control of litter was done on 21.3.2008 by Mrs. Ivana Veselá
Protocol about control:
· birth took 15 hours
· excellent condition of mother
· excellent lactation of mother
· behavior of mother – balanced and caring
· born 12 puppies (9/3), by control 11 puppies (8/3)
· behavior of puppies – standard to their age: playful, friendly, very satisfied
· condition of puppies corresponding to their age
· placing of puppies – excellent, roomy in house with people
· this litter is standard, balanced

Placing of puppies:
In Czech republic stayed all three girls from litter “A” Balfama – Anann I keep for myself, Aife lived in south Moravia and Arianrhod in Krušné hory. From boys stayed in Czech Republic only Artaios (Vysočina), Avalloc (Jeseníky) and Albion (near Brno). Most of males form this litter were exported to Slovakia – Arawen (near Tatry), Amergin, Aengus and Ambisagrus live in east Slovakia. Aedan was exported in Poland near Katowice. All puppies live in homes with their families, most of them have small children – they have very good relationships with them.

Basic information:

· In litter “A” Balfama were all puppies brindle color- from light to dark tones
· All wolfhounds in this litter have scissor or level bite
· All males in this litter have both well developed testicles

Health specification:
(Litter “A” Balfama is now 5 years and 2 months old)

· In litter “A” Balfama was no illness like PSS, epilepsy, dysplasia, cancer or cardiologic problems
Heart tested Wolfhounds from this litter are healthy with 0 points

Breed connected with litter “A” Balfama:

I used wolfhounds from litter “A” Balfama in my breed by litter “D” Balfama.
Wolfhounds from litter “A” Balfama have been 3x reproduced.


· Father of litter “A” Balfama died in age 5 years and 5 months
· Mother of litter “A” Balfama died in age 7 years and 6 months
· Average age of both parents of litter “A” Balfama is 6 years and 6 months

· Wolfhounds from litter “A” Balfama are 5 years and 2 months old today, 10 of them are alive, one girl died
· Average age of litter “A” Balfama is 5 years and 1 month today and still growing up
· Reason of death was 1x Infectious Laryngotracheitis

Mating and descendants:
· There are 5 stud wolfhounds from 11 in litter “A” Balfama
· Wolfhounds from litter “A” Balfama mated 3x and there were 3 litter, so they are 100% successful in mating
· In litter “A” Balfama were born 12 puppies, in litters where were parents from litter “A” Balfama were born 8 puppies, 6 puppies and 3 puppies, so average is 4 puppies for litter